• Automatic computer cutting bed

    Fully automatic computer cutting machine can completely avoid miscutting caused by manual cutting and improve accuracy. The traditional method is used to cut pieces. If the cloth layer is thin and the number of pieces is small, it can be implemented, but if it encounters a large number of clothing cutting tasks, this method can easily cause the size error of the upper and lower layers. Workers are likely to run into rework and repair troubles when they start cutting. Contact now

  • Computer cutting machine

    Computer cutting machine equipment is the driving force for production. If you want to ensure the efficient operation of computer cutting machine equipment, you must maintain it. In this way, you can give full play to the effectiveness of computer cutting machines and bring us more contributions! Contact now

  • Automatic cutting bed

    Automatic cutting bed in the clothing and textile industry can be divided into laser cutting bed, metal knife cutting bed and so on. The following is a scientific introduction mainly on the automatic cutting machine with metal knife technology, which is intended to help relevant personnel of enterprises to learn from and refer to when purchasing automatic cutting machines. Contact now

  • Automatic spreading machine

    In the clothing industry where competition is fierce, full-automatic spreaders have become extremely difficult in the face of how companies can get ahead of competitors, how to break through the fierce market competition, and how to enable companies to systematically control the quality and efficiency of finished products. important. The advent of the automatic spreader solves the above problems. The use of fully automatic spreaders can effectively guarantee the quality of the finished product, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Contact now

  • Yuan Yi spreading machine

    Yuan Yi spreading machine in modern clothing production, with the help of automated systems to improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality has become a consensus. Among the various steps of automated clothing production, the process of automatic spreading is very important. Some traditional cutting workshop fabrics are stored in the storage room, and the distance is far from the spreader. Each time each fabric is spread, the two workers move the rolls from one side to the spreading table, and then manually "feed" the fabric. This operation takes time and is inefficient. 现在联系 Contact now

  • Automatic drawing machine

    What should we pay attention to before the automatic drawing machine ? 现在联系 Before operation, the drawing machine should first confirm the actual length required and the drawing method used before it can start to operate. The essence of drawing cloth is to cut the cloth. Cutting is a loss, so in order to avoid further loss, Care should be taken not to exceed the loss range; secondly, the entire roll of fabric should be spread out before the drawing machine is operated, and the unilateral alignment error must not exceed the current contact

  • Automatic cutting machine

    Fully automatic cutting machines are facing the regulation and control of China's policies and the change in the employment market. Many processing industries are facing labor shortages and rare employment problems. Especially in the cutting process, the shortage of cutting workers and the fault of talent are very obvious. In the first process of processing, if the cutting is not given, it will directly affect the entire production. 现在联系 So there is a full-automatic cutting machine. The automation of cutting has become a development trend. Various models of full-automatic on the market are now contacting

  • Smart computer cutting bed

    Intelligent computer cutting machine Computer cutting machine is a major transformation of the cutting skills of the clothing industry. It uses file data to control the direction of the knife and produce the required pieces. The efficient use of the computer cutting bed also needs to be supported by hardware such as a computer fully automatic cloth drawing machine, a computer hanging system, and software such as a clothing drawing system. The system composed of these equipments provides the perfect environment for the production environment of garment manufacturers. solution. Contact now

  • Automatic drawing machine

    Automatic cloth drawing machine is a kind of cloth making machine that appeared in the early 1990s. There is another alias {rabbling machine. Due to the fact that most of the flexible materials are produced in rolls and transported in rolls, when arriving at the user's factory, an important process is to turn the roll-shaped material into a multi-layer flat state to facilitate cutting and use. Automatic production equipment such as automatic cloth drawing machine, automatic cloth drawing machine came into being at the historic moment. Contact now

  • Smart spreader

    Although the intelligent spreading machine has always been called "three-point cutting and seven-point sewing" in the production process of clothing, as the basis of clothing sewing, the quality of the pieces cannot be ignored, as well. Rab (pudding) is an important link in garment cutting. The quality of the effect directly determines the quality of the cut piece. 现在联系 In the past, the work of cloth cloth (clothing) in clothing factories was done more by people. However, the cloth cloth experience, working status, and physical contact of different workers are now connected.