Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine

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What should we pay attention to before the automatic drawing machine? Before operation, the drawing machine should first confirm the actual length required and the drawing method used before it can start to operate. The essence of drawing cloth is to cut the cloth. Cutting is a loss, so in order to avoid further loss, Care should be taken not to exceed the range of loss; secondly, the entire roll of fabric should be spread out before the drawing machine is operated, and the single-sided alignment error must not exceed one centimeter; later, the drawing machine was born not only for cutting accuracy Another one is for elastic fabrics, such as cotton fabrics, which are generally knitted fabrics. If this elastic fabric is used directly, it will seriously affect the cutting accuracy, so you need to loosen the fabric for a while and then cut it. . The above are the issues that should be noticed before operating the cloth pulling machine.

Is it necessary to understand the meaning of the cloth spreader? In the clothing industry where competition is fierce, in the face of how companies can get ahead of competitors and break through the fierce market competition, it is extremely important to systematically control the quality, cost and efficiency of finished products. This is the meaning and use value of the cloth spreader.

1. In the "cutting" work, the use of fully automatic cloth drawing machine can effectively guarantee the quality of the finished product, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

2. In terms of efficiency, the machine will not be constantly tired, and can operate at high speed for a long time, improve production efficiency and maintain stable quality.

3. From the cost point of view, manual cloth pulling requires more personnel to operate, and its labor cost is high, while the automatic cloth pulling machine only needs one person to operate and one person to complete the cloth pulling work, and the remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving Cost can also increase efficiency.

4. From the quality point of view, the effect of the cloth drawing before cutting directly affects the quality of the finished product. After the cutting, it is impossible to remedy the adverse effects. This problem is quite common when people pull the cloth. The automatic cloth drawing machine is Better guarantees to solve this problem.

When you choose to use a cloth spreader, how do you know the pros and cons of a fully automatic spreader? First of all, we need a communication method that enables machines and humans to understand and communicate with each other. This is digital (commonly known as numerical control). The movement of the cloth pulling machine is controlled by the computer's precise software. To change the speed, you only need to change the walking speed value through the data display. The cloth drawing machine is a heavy and high-speed moving equipment. Only advanced mechanical control technology can make the movement of the cloth drawing machine free and play the perfect cloth drawing function.

Features and product uses of automatic cloth drawing machine:

Applicable clothing types: underwear, tops, pants, casual clothes, sportswear, jeans, suits, fabric furniture, bedding, etc.

Applicable raw materials: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, etc.

Applicable cloth status: roll-supported cloth, piece of cloth, unpre-loosened or pre-rolled cloth, un-pre-loosened or pre-loose cloth.

Product features of full automatic drawing machine:

1. No cloth shutdown, automatic completion of origin return to zero, reset.

2.Automatic shutdown in five minutes, green, safe and energy saving (when not in use)

3.During the emergency stop, the lowered fabric will not be deformed.

4.Streamline appearance. Reduce wind resistance. Reduce noise and vibration.

5.Automatic spreading system.

6.Microcomputer PLC integrated control system.

7. Manipulate with man-machine dialogue

8.Computer controlled intelligent tensionless spreading method.

9. Easy to learn. Easy-to-understand icon visualization and simple operation, improve production efficiency and ensure quality.

Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine

Automatic drawing machine