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How to better understand automatic spreader

Why use a fully automatic spreader? Apparel production is a promising industry, and competition has become increasingly fierce. So how do you get out of the market? And ahead of the competition? Systematically controlling the quality, cost, and efficiency of the finished product; these factors have become extremely important.

In the "cutting" work, the use of automatic spreaders can achieve the advantages of ensuring quality, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

1. Efficiency: The machine will not be tired or emotional, it can operate at high speed for a long time, high production efficiency and very stable quality.

2. Cost: Manual spreading requires more tasks to operate, and its salary cost is high. The automatic spreading machine only needs one person to operate and one person can complete the spreading work. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

3. Quality: The effect of the cloth before cutting directly affects the quality of the finished product. After the cutting, it is found that the bad influence cannot be remedied, and it always appears on the quality of the finished product. This problem is quite common in manual cloth. The spreader is a better guarantee to solve this problem. Another big advantage of using an automatic spreader is that it can greatly improve the image of the production plant. When the customer visits the production mode and production equipment before placing the order, the high-tech automation equipment such as automatic spreader is more convincing to ensure quality, cost and efficiency. To increase competitiveness, how can you use equipment to lag behind others.

How to understand the advantages and disadvantages of automatic spreader? Full-automatic spreader has been in the clothing production industry for many years, but its performance in the past has not been satisfactory. Just because the old and traditional control technologies have reached the limit before the introduction of computer control technology, many operations None of the problems can be overcome. For example, the feeding and traveling machines cannot be accurately synchronized, the stoppage cannot be accurately positioned, and the problems of load and inertia momentum all seriously affect the performance of the spread. Now entering the era of science and technology, the application of computer technology in the spreading technology has been fully exerted. When the limit of the old mechanical control is broken, the new generation of spreading machines, whether it is processing extremely elastic and soft cloth, or the weight 500 kg of heavy cloth, its spreading function can also achieve perfection. As long as you carefully refer to the functions of the spreader, how many are really controlled by the computer, it is easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the spreader. Many people think that a spreader with a touch screen is equivalent to a computer control. This is a common misconception. Because the touch display screen can only be used as an information display and control electromechanical switch, it does not necessarily mean that the spreader is controlled by a computer.

How to distinguish the computerization of automatic spreader? In fact, as long as the comparison is careful, it is definitely not difficult to distinguish. Basically, a computer-controlled machine needs a way of communication that can be understood with people. This is digital (commonly known as numerical control). With this we can easily make comparisons.