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Is the automatic cutting machine really amazing?

Cutting is a key process in garment processing. The quality of cutting directly affects the efficiency of subsequent processes and the quality of the finished garment. The precision, quality, and efficiency of manual cutting are relatively low, and standardization and large-scale clothing production cannot be performed. The CNC automatic cutting machine has become an indispensable choice for clothing manufacturing due to its own advantages.

Improve product quality

When cutting multi-layer materials by hand, the cutting force and angle are not easy to control, which may cause the cutting edges to shift when the material is displaced, resulting in dimensional errors of the upper and lower cutting pieces. When cutting in large batches, it is difficult to achieve consistent cutting of parts.

CNC automatic cutting machine uses vacuum adsorption device to avoid material displacement. With the help of computer intelligent control technology, it can accurately calculate the size of the cutting piece and monitor the cutting operation throughout the process, effectively reducing errors, improving processing accuracy, and cutting quality is significantly higher than manual. For example, the lining of suits tends to be smoother. When cutting by hand, the upper and lower dimensional deviations occur due to slipping. Once repaired, the workload is increased while the production efficiency is reduced. The use of CNC automatic cutting machines can avoid such problems.

2. Reduce labor costs

CNC full-automatic cutting machine can replace manual production tasks, alleviating the problem of difficult employment. In general, a CNC cutting machine operated by 2 workers can cut the output of 10 cutting workers by manual cutting when cutting about 75 mm thick material. The CNC cutting machine also helps companies to arrange labor for subsequent processes. Enterprises can use the CNC cutting machine to understand the total perimeter of the material being cut, calculate and reasonably allocate the number of equipment and personnel for the next process according to a certain method, and avoid unnecessary equipment purchase and labor expenditure.

Take a 200-person garment factory as an example (below). It costs about 800,000 to 1.1 million yuan to purchase a CNC full-automatic cutting machine and two spreaders, but it can save 600,000 to 800,000 yuan in labor costs. It means that only by saving the labor cost of the CNC automatic cutting machine, the enterprise can recover the cost of purchasing the cutting machine within 1-2 years, and the economic benefits are obvious.

(1) Staffing: General garment factories' cutting workers account for about 5% of the total number of people; sewing workers account for about 70% of the total number of people.

(2) Wage level: The annual salary of skilled cutting workers is about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan (average of 35,000 yuan), and the annual salary of sewing workers is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan (average of 25,000 yuan).

(3) Calculated on an 8-hour work day.

An example of a 200-person garment factory

3. Improve production efficiency

In terms of cutting quantity, under the condition of vacuum adsorption, the CNC automatic cutting machine can cut materials up to more than 10 centimeters at a time; in terms of cutting speed, the CNC cutting machine optimizes the cutting path through the computer to reduce the waiting time of the action gap. The cutting speed is usually up to 10 meters per minute, which is much higher than the manual cutting speed of 2 to 3 meters per minute. Some advanced cutting machines, such as the CNC cutting machine developed by Shanghai and Eagle Technology for mass cutting, It can even reach 60 meters per minute. And because the CNC cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, it can reduce the size error of the cutting piece and improve the cutting piece quality while reducing the rework, which can shorten the operation time and improve the production efficiency. After the CNC cutting machine improves the cutting precision, it can promote the efficiency of the downstream sewing process by about 8% to 10%. In addition, the CNC cutting machine is more efficient than manual cutting when processing special cutting processes such as cutting pieces with arcs and cutting pieces with holes.

The improvement of the efficiency of the automatic cutting machine will directly improve the overall production efficiency of the enterprise. Under normal circumstances, the use of CNC cutting machines can increase the productivity of women's clothing and suit enterprises by about 20%, and can increase the efficiency of knitted clothing enterprises by more than 10%.

4.Save fabric

NC full-automatic cutting machine, the fabric is allocated according to the scientific and accurate unit consumption, not only can control the waste due to human factors, but also the management of the fabric is simple and clear; accurate production data, the arrangement of production and orders are also accurate; use CAD automatic markering saves fabric and improves efficiency compared to manual markering.

5. Improve security

Using manual cutting, workers are labor-intensive, need to be highly focused, and frequent safety accidents; CNC automatic cutting machines are cut according to the layout, and workers control the machine on the side, which has a high safety factor.

6. Improve management level

The cutting accuracy is effectively controlled, reducing the responsibilities and conflicts between the cooperation departments, and improving the work performance of middle-level management personnel; avoiding the impact of human factors on the production schedule, and responding to employees' resignation, departure, and leave at any time; using equipment cutting can ensure Production volume; stable cutting quality, reducing internal consumption of quality management; due to unified and standardized production to improve product production quality, it is affirmed by billing customers, thereby ensuring the source of order volume.

7. Improve corporate image and facilitate order taking

In traditional cutting mode, cloth dust flies and pollutes the environment, which can easily cause flying debris to contaminate the cutting pieces and cause defective products. With the use of a CNC automatic cutting machine, the cutting cloth is discharged to the outside through a dedicated pipe to make the cutting environment clean and tidy. The automatic cutting system makes clothing companies have a holistic sense of the cutting line, and improves the traditional environment with a large number of operators and messy scenes. The entire production line has a smooth production process, everything is orderly, and the corporate image is enhanced, which is conducive to increasing the order volume.