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Rabbet machine helps domestic clothing industry

China's garment manufacturing industry has developed from scratch, from weak to strong, and has developed into a large country in the world of clothing production. It is called the "processing factory" of world clothing. One out of every ten Americans wears "Made in China" shoes, and "Made in China" is spread all over the world. Behind this wealthy scene, the constantly reformed clothing and equipment have contributed. From scissors to cloth cutting machine, from manual cutting to laser cutting, from ordinary flat car to computer flat car, from manual spreading to computer automatic spreading machine . Cloth cutting machine, electric shears, automatic cutting machine, drawing machine ...

The clothing equipment that keeps pace with the times is constantly supplying strong technical support for China's clothing production. The birth of the computer fully automatic cloth drawing machine is another historic Mercedes-Benz in the rigid clothing industry in China. It is a necessary necessity for the categorization and professionalization of China's clothing production. Catalyst. The predecessors' computer automatic spreading and the relatively backward manual spreading have unparalleled advantages.

First, using a fully automatic spreader system to spread the fabric can ensure that the fabric is flat and tension-free, which has become a good helper for automated production. Second, manual spreading is time-consuming and laborious, and because the flatness of the spread is not enough, the fabric is huge. waste. In today's rising raw material and labor costs, this waste makes it difficult for every enterprise to bear. The result of the spread before cutting directly affects the style of the finished garment. If bad products are invented after cutting, this effect cannot be remedied. The use of an automatic cloth drawing machine is a better guarantee for this problem. Thirdly, the automatic spreading system is used to spread the material, which can realize the tension-free spreading operation. The clothing production industry, especially the underwear construction company, has a lot of headaches about the tension-free problem of dotted fabrics. Due to different fabric textures, the difficulty of spreading is also different. Generally speaking, non-elastic fabrics have less deformation during the spreading process and are easy to control. However, it is not so easy to lay out elastic fabrics. It is a mess of very poisonous hands. In the manual spreading time, it can only be spread by hand first, and then the spreading cloth is left for a period of time to allow it to naturally eliminate tension. This method has caused several disadvantages: one is the occupation of the cutting bed, the other is that the fabric cannot be cut in time and the production is delayed, and the third is that the tension cannot be completely eliminated in a short time. Now the predecessor's automatic cloth spreading machine has achieved the tension-free spreading operation, which can cope with various types of fabrics, and achieve flat, uniform top-down spreading. Moreover, for the enterprises that make large orders and foreign orders, the production equipment of their predecessors is a good spokesperson for their corporate image.

Equipped with high-end production equipment such as cloth drawing machine and full-automatic cutting machine, in addition to enhancing its inherent product style, it can also greatly enhance the company's strength and brand. At the same time, this will play a role when customers visit the production situation and production equipment before placing orders. The contagion of a hammer order was moved.