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Yuanyi cloth spreading machine

采用中文,英文双语言界面操作平台;元一铺布机以电脑全自动智能控制技术为支承,即使是难铺的高弹力布料,也能确保实现高效,无张力;更大限度的满足您生产质量和效率的综合要求。 Full-automatic cloth spreader adopts Chinese and English dual-language interface operation platform; Yuanyi spreader is supported by computer fully automatic intelligent control technology. Largely meet the comprehensive requirements of your production quality and efficiency.

Features of Yuanyi Fully Automatic Spreading Machine and Fully Automatic Stretching Machine:

No cloth stop, automatic completion of zero return and reset.

Automatic shutdown in five minutes, green, safe and energy saving. (When not in use)

During an emergency stop, the lowered fabric will not be deformed.

Streamlined appearance, reduce wind resistance, reduce noise and vibration.

Automatic spreading system.

Microcomputer PLC integrated control system.

Manipulate with man-machine conversation.

Computer controlled intelligent tensionless spreading method.

Easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand icon visualization simplifies operation, improves production efficiency, and ensures quality.

Yuanyi spreader and stretcher are equipped as standard:

Spread length memory device

Computer control of spreading machine's acceleration and deceleration

Trough type automatic chasing loose cloth device

Cloth wheel for cloth mopping and cloth spreading

Emergency stop

Automatic lifting device

Set the cutter walking distance according to the cloth width

Floor counter device <

Opposite device

Cutter device

Rewinding device (rolling cloth)

Mobile and fixed cloth folding device for double pull

Optional equipment: Cylindrical cloth device

Unilateral fixed mobile cloth folding device

Main device: LCD touch device: Easy to set the length, mode, quantity, speed and paragraph of the cloth.

Spreading device: it can be adjusted effectively according to the width and tension of the fabric, so that the fabric will not wrinkle.

Cutter device: The cutter and the host can be easily disassembled, and the cutting distance and cutting speed of the cutter can be set according to the cloth width when the fabric is cut.

Cloth folding device: can be used for unidirectional and round-trip cloth.

Automatic cloth pre-loosing device: loose the cloth before laying, release the tension of the cloth and maintain the consistency of the quality of the cloth.

Electric eye automatic edge-aligning device: Correctly detect the edge of the fabric, and it can correct the edge automatically during the spreading operation.

Cloth end sensor device: When the fabric is finished, the control host will automatically stop the movement and automatically complete the return to origin and reset the fixed point.

Automatic lifting device: Set the lifting amount according to the thickness of the fabric, and match the spreading height.

Emergency stop device: There are steel cables for stopping on both sides of the cutting bed, and the steel cables can be pulled at any position of the cutting bed for emergency stop at any time.

The above is the introduction of the detailed process steps of Yuanyi full automatic spreading machine and full automatic spreading machine.