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Tell the characteristics of Yuanyi spreader

Describe the characteristics of Yuanyi spreading machine. The following points are about the problems encountered in the process of operating Yuanyi spreading machine!

(1) Remove the wrinkles of the fabric and release the tension of the fabric. Bucket active loosening equipment can relax the fabric in time and quickly, and fully release the fabric tension. In this process, the distortion of the fabric can also be corrected to reduce the wear of the fabric during the laying process. The combination roller sends out the fabric together, and the combination roller can open the fabric in the undulating direction to remove fabric wrinkles.

(2) Even difficult fabrics can be delivered in a stable state. In order to stably feed fabrics that are subject to simple loads, a conveyor-type fabric feeding device is used. The oscillating equipment at the conveyor belt part can release the tension when the fabric is sent out, thereby making the fabric more stable.

(3) Simple operation and simple setting. On the LCD touch screen, you can easily set various spreading conditions such as spreading length setting, phase spreading setting (6 different spreading lengths), and total number of spreading layers.

The advanced Yuanyi automatic spreader system not only has fast production speed, but has also been upgraded from simple mechanized production to intelligent, so the production efficiency is higher and the work quality is better.

The design of Yuanyi automatic spreading machine system and spreading table are designed through ergonomic research, and the operator is very comfortable to use. If a mobile platform is selected, during the spreading operation, the operator does not have to follow the motion of the spreader to run back and forth, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.