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Related knowledge of automatic spreading machine

The automatic spreading machine only needs one person to operate, and one person can complete the spreading work. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving costs and increasing efficiency. Quality: The spreading effect before cutting directly affects the quality of the finished product. After the cutting, it is found that the bad influence cannot be remedied, and it always appears on the quality of the finished product. This kind of problem is quite common in manual spreading. The machine is a better guarantee to solve this problem. Another big advantage of using an automatic spreader is that it can greatly improve the image of the production plant. When the customer visits the production mode and the production of clothing equipment before the order is placed, a high-tech automated clothing equipment such as a full-automatic spreader is more convincing to ensure quality, cost and efficiency.

To improve competitiveness, how can the use of clothing equipment lag behind others. How to understand the advantages and disadvantages of automatic spreaders? Yuanyi spreaders have existed in the clothing production industry for many years, but have not performed satisfactorily in the past, because before the introduction of computer control technology, old and traditional The control technology has reached its limit, and many operational problems cannot be broken. For example, the feeding and traveling machines cannot be accurately synchronized, the stoppage cannot be accurately positioned, and the load and inertia momentum all seriously affect the performance of the spreading. Nowadays, it has entered the era of science and technology. Features: Speed adjustment is adjusted using twists and turns, and deceleration buffers need to be installed on the left and right ends of the cutting machine for slow rails.

As long as you carefully refer to the various functions of the Yuanyi spreader, how many are really controlled by the computer, it is easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the spreader. Many people think that the Yuanyi spreader is equivalent to computer control with a touch display screen, which is a common misunderstanding. Because the touch display screen can only be used as an information display and control electromechanical switch, it does not necessarily mean that the spreader is controlled by a computer. How to distinguish the computerization of the spreader? In fact, as long as the comparison is careful, it is definitely not difficult to distinguish. Control programming is written in storage electronic parts that can be rewritten multiple times. These electronic parts are more susceptible to power noise and external magnetoelectric interference, which can cause damage to control programming and make it impossible to operate. Both stability and safety pose problems.

Yuanyi cloth spreading machine is also called "pull cloth machine" or "mop cloth machine". It is a professional equipment used to roll up the fabric layer by layer on the cutting table before cutting the fabric in sewing production. As a high-tech professional equipment, various factors related to the material and performance of the fabric, the method of fabric storage and handling, the method of discharging, the structure of the spreader feeding system, the combination and arrangement of the drawing and cutting equipment, etc. , Which may have an impact on the quality and effect of the cloth spreader.

The production of the automatic computer cutting system completes the product line of Yuanyi Spreading Machine Company, enabling the company to provide complete cutting solutions and equipment for the majority of users. With an automatic computer cutting system, Yuanyi will be able to provide its users with the main equipment required by cutting rooms of garment manufacturing enterprises, including automatic computer cutting systems, automatic spreaders, and cutting machines. At the same time, the major initiative of the automatic cutting system in China will greatly enhance Yuan Yi's image in the cutting field and greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

With the continuous rise in labor costs and raw material costs of enterprises, the widespread use of automated production equipment, including automatic computer cutting systems, is becoming the only way for the transformation and upgrading of the apparel industry. The automatic computer cutting system has significant advantages such as labor saving, material saving and efficiency improvement. In addition, the automatic computer cutting system can also help garment manufacturers to improve product quality and corporate image. Due to the broad market prospects, in recent years, companies have been involved in the production of automatic cutting systems. The price war in the market of automatic computer cutting systems will intensify, and the response of Yuanyi spreader is to adhere to the high-end positioning and quality line, and not to participate in the price war in the low-end market.