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Is your business using a fully automatic spreader?

In modern clothing production, it has become a consensus to use automated systems to improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality. Among all aspects of the automated clothing production process, the automatic spreader process is very important. The importance of the automatic spreader system to clothing production is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Profits of service enterprises come from good spreading work

As we all know, the cost of fabrics occupies a more important part in the production of clothing. Good spreading work can achieve better alignment of the edges of the fabrics, so that the layout can be closer to the beginning, end, and sides of the spreading layer, which saves more material. Using the spreader system can save 0.5% -2% of fabrics for enterprises, and the economic benefits are considerable.

Some traditional cutting workshop fabrics are stored in the storage room, and the distance is far from the spreader. Each time each fabric is spread, the two workers move the rolls from one side to the spreading table, and then manually "feed" the fabric. This operation takes time and is inefficient. The cutting methods used in advanced cutting workshops are different.

For example, the Yuanyi spreader automatic system is taken as an example. The rolls are placed in the spreader's operating area in advance. Only one worker needs to put the rolls into the spreading cradle and then automatically “feed”. It can switch its working mode arbitrarily according to the different needs of the enterprise.

Fully automatic spreader not only saves labor, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency of garment enterprises to create more profits.

2.Good spreading work to ensure clothing quality

In the current clothing production, there are many types of fabric materials and products. For example, according to the type of material, there are elastic fabrics and non-elastic fabrics. In the actual production of clothing samples, the ideal cut pieces must be consistent with the CAD design and not deformed. This requires that the cloth in the laid layer is not deformed, that is, the laying operation is tension-free.

Yuanyi computer automatic spreading machine series can perform tension-free spreading operation. There are two main working methods: one is the form of cloth spreading, which is commonly known as the "clothing machine"; the other is the form of spreading cloth, which is commonly known as the "spreading machine".

The working method of Yuanyi spreading machine is to cradle the fabric. From the surface of the swash plate of the spreading machine, it depends on the gravity of the fabric to slide to the spreading table. Compared to spreading with a stretch-type cloth spreader, this spreading method better guarantees the original state of the elastic fabric, so the effect of tension-free spreading is better.

We also take Yuanyi full-automatic spreading system as an example. The servo control system used in the design can ensure that the speed of the feeding bucket is highly consistent with the speed of the output end, thereby avoiding new tension during the spreading process. In addition, its overall electrification design guarantees the coherence and consistency of the machine's operation process, so that the quality of the laying of the various layers can be well guaranteed, and the repeatability and consistency of the laying quality are very high. This is extremely critical for ensuring the quality of the subsequent production process.

3.The spreading work effectively guarantees stable production

The spreading operation occupies a large area in the cutting workshop. Usually an automatic cutting machine needs to be equipped with more than two sets of spreading systems. The efficiency of the Yuanyi spreader plays a basic role in cutting production. The efficiency and effectiveness of the cutting work are directly restricted and affected by the spreading work.

There is no doubt that the spreading system can work stably and efficiently in accordance with the planned production, and seamlessly cooperate with the cutting process of the bed, and the production efficiency of the entire cutting workshop is also improved.

Yuanyi's spreading machine stopped and the cutting machine could not work normally, which would cause corresponding production loss. Therefore, when clothing companies introduce the spreader system, they need to do a good job in advance to understand and choose a reliable system. In addition, in actual production, we also need to pay attention to correct operation and regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment.

4.Yuanyi spreader solves labor problems

In recent years, most apparel companies have faced the problem of “difficult recruitment”. In addition to wages and salaries, working conditions are also one of the reasons for difficult recruitment. If the cloth is spread by the traditional manual drawing method, the work efficiency is not high, and the work form is monotonous, boring, and consumes great physical strength.

We can often hear people in clothing companies say, “The young people of today ca n’t bear hardships and stand hard work.” The key reason is also the change in the objective environment. In terms of demographic structure, the proportion of China ’s young and middle-aged labor force A larger reduction.

As the division of labor becomes more detailed, many industries, large and small, have realized modernized and automated production. The working conditions of enterprises have been greatly improved, and more and better opportunities for employees to choose jobs have been provided. Already. At present, the children of many families in our country are only children. Young people do n’t want it, and parents do n’t want their children to rely on simple and labor-intensive methods of life.

Therefore, the clothing manufacturing industry relying on labor-intensive development will inevitably have to adapt quickly to this social development trend and carry out the transformation of production methods, that is, the use of automated systems to increase work value and attract more talented people with a good working environment and conditions Youth enrollment in this industry.

The advanced automatic spreading system not only has fast production speed, but has also been upgraded from simple mechanized production to intelligent, so the production efficiency is higher and the work quality is better.

The design of the automatic spreading machine system and the spreading table are designed through ergonomic research, and the operator is very comfortable to use. If a mobile platform is selected, during the spreading operation, the operator does not have to follow the motion of the spreader to run back and forth, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

Yuanyi spreading machine fully automatic system can help enterprises achieve automatic spreading and solve some problems such as labor shortage.