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Introduction to the basic functions of automatic cloth drawing machine

Introduction of the basic functions of the automatic cloth drawing machine: The cloth drawing machine is a kind of cloth making machine that appeared in the early 1990s. Since most of the flexible materials are produced in rolls and transported in rolls, an important process at the user's factory is the need to turn the roll-shaped material into a multi-layer flat state to facilitate cutting and use. Automatic production equipment such as automatic cloth spreader and automatic spreader came into being.

Fully automatic cloth drawing machine is suitable for 95% of fabrics on the market. Its basic functions are:
1. Automatic shutdown without cloth, and return to the origin automatically.
2. Steel wire emergency stop device, emergency stop, the fabric will not be deformed after being pulled.
3. Automatic edge alignment control system (within 12.5px).
4. Automatic elevation control system.
5. Automatic layer accumulation control system.
6. Power cloth bucket (applicable to roll cloth / Publa cloth).
7, Pibu cloth bucket (for Pibulab).
8. Text human-machine interface, imported microcomputer program control system, stable control.
9, system failure automatically prompts for easy maintenance.

What role does the fully automatic cloth pulling machine play in the transition of the traditional garment industry to Industry 4.0? The use of the fully automatic cloth pulling machine in the garment industry can realize "machine substitution". From a cost perspective, manual cloth pulling requires more personnel to operate, and its labor cost is high, while the automatic cloth pulling machine only needs one person to operate and one person to complete the cloth pulling work. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving costs It can also increase efficiency. From the quality point of view, the effect of the cloth before cutting directly affects the quality of the finished product. After the cutting, it is impossible to remedy the adverse effects. This kind of problem is quite common when people pull the cloth. Using an automatic cloth machine is the solution Guarantee of problems. Another great point of using a fully automatic cloth drawing machine is that it can improve the image of the manufacturer and create a more comfortable humanized factory!