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R & D analysis of full-automatic clothing cutting machine

R & D and analysis of full-automatic clothing cutting machine: The following is the analysis of the structure of a computer cutting machine. The cutting method is discussed. Computer cutting machine is divided into contact type and non-contact type according to the way of cutting fabric. , Pressure water knife and laser knife.

(l) Pressure water cutting: high cutting accuracy, can accurately cut the rounded corners and sharp corners of the clothing pieces, fast cutting speed, but the equipment is complex and bulky, the cost is high, the troubleshooting is difficult, and it cannot be used for cutting energy Water-absorbent fabrics have many limitations. Some of Lectra's products in the 1970s were cut with pressure water, but then T was not used.

(2) Laser cutting: material has a small range of application, slow speed, and cutting temperature, difficult beam control, high cost, high consumables, and difficult maintenance

(3) Mechanical blade cutting: simple operation, fast speed, easy maintenance, low consumables, but it is difficult to handle the corners and sharp corners of the fabric when cutting, it is necessary to make a knife or secondary feeding, low efficiency and material waste The clothing cutting bed mainly adopts this method.

(4) Ultrasonic vibration cutting of steel wire: This method overcomes technical problems such as wire scribing, droplets, sharp corners, rounded corners, etc., while drawing on the advantages of wire cutting in the mechanical industry, easy operation, fast cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, and simple maintenance The equipment is small, the manufacturing cost is low, and the disadvantages of large dust in the cutting workshop are reduced, and the working environment is improved. It is a future development trend. 4 Cutting bed specifications and cost exploration can be designed according to the production scale of clothing manufacturers. Clothing computer cutting bed. For large factories, it is possible to design cutting beds with powerful functions, fast speeds, and cutting thicknesses up to 10) nm, and relatively high cost, and the cost can be controlled within 300,000 yuan; for small and medium-sized clothing factories The relative cost of manufacturing a cutting bed, the thickness of the cutting bed can be smaller, such as 5 intestines nm, 25 mm, etc., the cost is less than Qiaoyuan; for private small workshops, companies specializing in the production of sample clothing, studios can design and manufacture cutting sheets The cost of a cutting machine, CNC cutting machine or engraving machine for multi-layer cloth is less than 20,000 yuan. This is applicable to the development of different grades of cutting beds by enterprises of different sizes, which can better meet the needs of the market and have more market competitiveness.

(l) Machine support: The upper surface of the support is a cutting platform, 2.5 meters long and 2.2 meters wide. A needle bed is placed on the platform, and a vacuum adsorption device is installed below. The height and flatness of the cutting platform can be adjusted by adjusting the anchor screws.

(2) Vacuum suction device: Use a frequency controlled blower to generate a vacuum suction cloth on the needle bed, compact the fabric, and fix the fabric on the needle bed to prevent displacement during cutting and improve cutting accuracy. Depending on the type of fabric, there are many The suction method is optional, and the cover technology is used to greatly reduce air leakage.

(3) Guide: Precision roller screw guide, which drives the cutting actuator to perform two-dimensional movement in the plane. The length (X-axis direction) travel is 2.3 meters, and the width (Y-axis direction) travel is 2.2 meters.

(4) Cutting actuator: a) Structural analysis: motor, cam drive mechanism, blade, blade holder, sharpening device, pressure plate (for pressing cloth when cutting). b) Working principle: The rotary motion of the motor is converted into the up and down movement of the blade clamp by the cam transmission mechanism. This drives the blade to perform the up and down cutting movement. The cam motor moves up and down once every revolution of the cam motor. It is known that the speed of the cam motor is n, the stroke of the blade is up and down L = 50 0 nm, the speed of the blade is up and down V = n = L 48 resistant to 5. d) the direction of the blade can be adjusted. e) When cutting a certain distance of fabric or the feeding resistance is large, stop cutting and automatically start the sharpening device.

(5) Control circuit part: The cam motor on the cutting axis of the X-axis guide, the Y-axis guide, and the cutting actuator drives the blade to perform three-dimensional motion. During cutting, path planning is performed according to the arranged samples, and the optimal cutting route is calculated. During the cutting process, the computer has a real-time prompt function, which displays the current knife position, cutting route, and automatically monitors the cutting process. If it appears during cutting Abnormal conditions can be stopped immediately, and the fault code and location are displayed. At the same time, the computer interrupt processing program is started, and relevant information is saved. After troubleshooting, the original interruption point can be continued to ensure that the fabric on the automatic cutting machine can be cut smoothly according to the design.