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Do you really understand the cloth spreader?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the cloth spreading machine exists in our lives. It is indispensable in the industry, but most people are not very clear about the cloth spreading machine. Boyi Intelligent Co., Ltd.'s main products are: computer cutting machine, automatic spreading machine, drawing machine, etc., professional classification of drawing machine.

Laminating machine market, after nearly two decades of development, the laminating machine market has gradually matured. With the difficulty of recruitment in coastal areas in the past two years, high workers' prices, and the complexity of cloth, etc. New options for garment companies.

At present, the cloth drawing machines sold in the market include Yuanyi spreading machines. Due to the different functions, uses, specifications, services, and origins of these brands of machines, the prices are very different, such as 2000 width Rabbin machine, cheap domestic production can be less than 100,000, good quality is NCA, its price is about 300,000. But no matter how different the price is, the market will always follow the principle of value determining price, and as an enterprise, it is important to choose the right machine.

In the degree of clothing, cloth and cutting cloth play an important role. Only regular pieces can have the opportunity to sew clothes that meet the specifications. If the pieces are irregular, even the best sewing machine and the outstanding sewing workers Also, it is impossible to sew high-quality clothes. Rabble is a multi-process of garment manufacturing. Its quality determines the quality of the entire production. It is the foundation and the key, and it cannot be ignored.

There are two main types of fabrics. One is thick fabric, such as woven fabrics. This type of fabric can usually be used with ordinary drawing machines, and the other is knitted fabrics, especially underwear fabrics. Strong elasticity, thin material, gentle, manual processing is very slow, and the effect is very unsatisfactory. It usually causes pull, shrinkage, and irregularities. For underwear 'One Millimeter World', high-quality underwear must be Need to choose a high quality drawing machine, such as NCA's original imported drawing machine.

The above is the classification of Boyi Intelligent Secret Laminating Machine. If you have any questions about computer cutting machine series, automatic spreading machine series, drawing machine series, please come to consult.