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Maintenance and maintenance of automatic computer cutting machine

What are the maintenance and maintenance of automatic computer cutting machine? Cutting machine is a necessary machine. China's demand for cutting machine is still very large, but regarding the cleaning and maintenance of cutting machine and so on.

China also does not have a very complete process. It performs more detailed cleaning in a hydraulic environment. Different cleaning is required in different processes, and corresponding cleaning equipment is used.

The process of automatic computerized cutting machine is generally machine processing, continuous circulating filtration of cleaning liquid, combined with strong ultrasonic function can be cleaned.

After processing, a large amount of cutting and emulsion are removed. To achieve drying at the same time, the thermal energy deburring process is conducive to the next step. In the presence of water, the thermal energy deburring effect will be great, and the surface temperature of the part will be great. At about 90 degrees, the water on the surface of such parts produces a boiling evaporation effect, which can be quickly cleaned.

Under the high temperature effect of thermal energy, the surface of the part will oxidize, which can generate a lot of floating rust. If it is cleaned with strong acid, most of the cast iron parts can cause the surface and internal corrosion of the part.

The requirements for the cleanliness of hydraulic pump valves are high. The large residual metal particles cannot exceed 600um. To meet these requirements, in addition to the use of immersion jet technology, a good filtration system is required. It is applied in vacuum drying technology. This allows customers to have longer inventory times and more flexible IDE lead times.

The above is the automatic computer cutting machine knowledge provided by Zhongshan Boyi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. I hope everyone will like it.