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Routine maintenance and characteristics

,它有效的替代了人们完成一些工作并且效率颇高。 With the development of the times, many modern machines such as cloth spreaders have gradually appeared in our production and life. It has effectively replaced people to complete some work and has high efficiency. This is the significance of the appearance of the cloth spreader. Its appearance replaces the manual labor that can cause trouble and can complete the work accurately and stably at high speed. Secondly, the cloth spreader improves the efficiency of spreading and saves a lot of manual operation costs. When the cloth spreader is in operation, only one auxiliary operation is needed to complete the spreading work; the use of modern machines can ensure the quality of the finished product, and it will not have a very high cutting error rate as in the early use of manual spreading. Equivalent to renewed costs are quite high. Through the above introduction, maybe everyone can be more clear about the meaning of the cloth spreader.

The following is the daily maintenance of the cloth spreader: First, the main motor gear and the main drive sprocket in the drive part of the cloth spreader need to be checked regularly and refueled in time to ensure that the transmission parts of the cloth spreader can maintain good lubrication. status.

Secondly, we need to timely remove the dust, cloth debris, etc. from the motors and transmission parts used in the spreader.

In addition, during periodic inspections, if parts are found to be severely worn, they must be removed and replaced in a timely manner.

Later, in the daily use process, we often check the photoelectric switch, travel switch, relay, and the reel of the transmission part in the spreader, so that the spreader can effectively work for a long time.

The maintenance of the drawing machine is very important.

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What are the characteristics of the drawing machine?

1. The cloth drawing machine adopts imported touch screen and PLC control, which is reliable in operation and simple and convenient to operate.

2. The drawing machine uses a high-precision servo motor, which is accurate, fast and reliable.

3, there are two ways to pull cloth and folding back and forth cloth.

4. You can set the starting point of the cloth, the length of the cloth, the cutting width and the number of layers.

5, can achieve fully automatic tension-free cloth.

6. The cloth pulling machine has the function of automatically returning to the origin without cloth, and automatic stop function. It can return to the cloth breaking point quickly and easily after the cloth is loaded.

7. The automatic cloth pulling machine can be braked at any time and place without any delay.

8, suitable for knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and other different fabrics.