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Fully automatic spreading machine chooses Boye Intelligent Technology to be more assured

Since the spreader was put into production in the twentieth century, great achievements have been made in the spreading operation. This industrial technology has greatly promoted the production of the garment industry. The types of spreaders are mainly divided into There are two types of manual spreader and automatic spreader , which will be introduced one by one below. The spreading machine can be divided into two types: manual spreading machine and full-automatic spreading machine according to its power and control mode. The former is simple in structure and cheap in cost. It was applied more in the early apparel enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is a self- pressing machine for a fully automatic drawing machine ? How should a drawing machine company use self-media? Let's briefly introduce it. Self-media is a medium that is spread through modern and electronic media. The media is citizen media or personal media. This is unacceptable for modern industrial production. In order to avoid the above-mentioned defects, the newly-built cutting workshop should use a unidirectional combination arrangement for the drawing cloth and cutting equipment. If the loading and unloading parts are added, the total length of the combined table should be It is more suitable at about 30 meters. If the one-way combination arrangement cannot be adopted due to the constraints of the plant, the author recommends that you can also use 2 to 3 cutting tables in parallel according to the actual production scale of the enterprise. When the length of the marker is meters In addition to the cutting machine itself and the loading and unloading parts, the total length of the home textile drawing machine combination needs to be at least about 16 meters. In this case, the fabric must be clamped by a cloth clamp before each transfer. Spreader products have gradually "sinked" from small and medium-sized enterprises from the high-end positioning of foreign companies and some state-owned enterprises in the early days.

When using a full-automatic spreader, in order to ensure the quality of the cloth, the following precautions should be known during operation.

1. The laid out fabric should be smooth:

During the work of the automatic spreader, it is necessary to ensure that the fabric spread on each layer is flat, and there must be no looseness or tightness, and no wrinkles. If the fabric itself has creases or dead folds, it must be treated and then spread So as not to have large or small pieces, affecting the specifications of the clothing.

2. The length of the cloth must be accurate:

When working on a fully automatic spreader, ensuring the accuracy of the length of the cloth is the basis to avoid material waste and save costs. When determining the length of the cloth to be pulled, we have already left a certain amount of loss, and we must ensure that it is not exceeded when cutting. The range of losses.

3. Ensure tension-free cloth:

For fabrics that are flexible or stretchy, a certain tension will be generated during the operation of the automatic spreader to stretch the fabric, but a certain amount of shrinkage will gradually occur after being rolled out, which will seriously affect the cutting accuracy. The tension should be avoided as much as possible during the operation. Generally, the elastic fabric is loosened and left to stand for 24 hours before laying, so that the tensioned fabric can be eliminated well.

For the spreading machine, it is impossible to accommodate the actual needs of the spreading machine, it is only possible to reverse the design of the spreading machine. It is helpful to eliminate tension and wrinkles. When purchasing a paver, the template garment milling machine company must ensure that it can handle the processing of elastic and non-elastic fabrics, so as to better improve the efficiency of the enterprise. The competition syntax of clothing brands is fierce. Chinese clothing brands want to use automatic cloth spreading machines. With the intense competition of clothing brands, Chinese clothing brands have to work hard on product quality. From the perspective of the process, improving cutting accuracy is a step to improve the quality of sewing and finished products. To improve cutting accuracy, you must use a full-automatic spreader, which is an important auxiliary equipment in the garment cutting process.

It is also a very common curtain fabric. It uses a variety of natural polymers containing cellulose and proteins to be processed. This artificial fiber fabric has better toughness.

The disadvantages of manual spreading machine are that it employs a lot of people and has low efficiency. During the drawing process, quality problems such as uneven tension of the drawing cloth, uneven edges, uneven surface, and inaccurate layer length often cause fabric waste. . Automatic spreader is a new type of spreader equipment widely used at home and abroad.

Automatic spreading machine equipment will not always run smoothly in the later stage. Various problems such as rusting of parts and lack of lubricants will cause wear and damage to parts. And it is necessary to always have some important automatic spreading machines. Parts, otherwise it is very troublesome when the equipment is damaged during emergency tasks and cannot be maintained in a timely manner. Of course, the price of parts must be reasonable. There is a maintenance staff who performs daily inspections, weekly maintenance, and monthly inspections. In order to improve, it is of course very important whether the automatic drawing machine complies with China's regulations on energy-saving emissions during operation, whether it is harmful to the human body, and whether it is harmful to the environment. It cannot be elastic or wrinkled. The fabric itself must have creases or wrinkles. After processing, it will be laid again to avoid the size of the parts and affect the specifications of the clothing. The length of the fabric should be accurate: When working on the fabric machine, ensure the length of the fabric. The accuracy is the basis for avoiding material waste and cost savings. When the template garment milling machine determines the length of the cloth to be pulled.

It adopts computer control. It can set various functions through man-machine dialogue mode according to the length of cloth parts and the planned cutting quantity. Items. At the same time, it can automatically record the length of the ply, display the number of plies, fault alarms and the cause of the fault. When the number of cloths (length) reaches the predetermined requirements, the machine will automatically stop working.

Game clothing automatic spreading machine, complete the cutting while pursuing shorter material consumption. Please add a router or switch; if there are multiple inspection machines, you can connect several devices to a nearby switch, and then connect to the computer through a network cable; connect the printer: connect the USB port of the printer to the printer port of the device; (Optional): connect the scanner to the scanner's scanner interface, connect to the inspection machine rolling code table: the data cable connection equipment roll length acquisition interface and the rolling code table of the detector; insert the power plug into the 220V power supply Socket, to achieve the normal operation of the equipment, before the inspection starts, first print the batch information, such as the order number, with a flow chart. This is the partner who checks the machine will automatically generate the corresponding barcode and number. LCD touch device: easy to set the length, mode, quantity, speed and paragraph of the cloth, cutter device: the cutter and the host can be easily disassembled, and the cloth can be set according to the width of the cloth when cutting speed.