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Do you know what the spreader does?

Do you know what the spreader does?

(1) Remove the wrinkles of the fabric and release the tension of the fabric. The bucket-type automatic loosening device can relax the fabric in time and quickly, and fully release the fabric tension. In this process, the distortion of the fabric can also be corrected to reduce the loss of fabric during the spreader process. While the combination roller sends out the fabric, the combination roller can unfold the fabric in the direction of the width to remove the fabric wrinkles.

(2) Even difficult fabrics can be sent out in a stable state. In order to stably feed fabrics that are prone to load, a belt-type fabric feeding device is used. The vibration device at the conveyor belt can release the tension when the fabric is sent out, thereby making the fabric more stable.

(3) Simple operation and simple setting. The LCD touch screen can be used to set various spreading machine conditions such as spreading length setting, phase spreading setting (6 different spreading lengths), and total number of spreading layers.

The main devices of the spreading machine and their functions are: liquid crystal touch device, which can easily set the length, method, quantity, speed and paragraph of the spreading cloth; the spreading device can effectively adjust the spreading force with the length and tension of the fabric So that the cloth is not wrinkled; the cutter device, the cutter and the host can be easily disassembled, and the cutting distance and cutting speed of the cutter can be set according to the cloth width when the fabric is cut; the cloth folding device can be used as a one-way And back-and-forth laying; automatic cloth pre-loosing device: loosening the cloth before laying, eliminating the tension of the cloth and maintaining the consistency of the quality of the cloth; automatic edge-aligning device of the electric eye, which can automatically correct the cloth during the sequence operation of the cloth Edge; cloth tail sensor device, the control host automatically stops when the cloth is finished, and automatically returns to a fixed point; automatic rising device: can set the amount of rise according to the thickness of the cloth, cooperate with the spreader; emergency stop device, on the cutting bed There are steel cables for stopping on both sides, and the steel cables can be pulled at any position of the cutting machine for emergency shutdown at any time.