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Benefit Analysis of Yuanyi Spreading Machine Machine Substitution

Benefit analysis of Yuanyi spreader machine substitution: In the era of rising labor costs, as an enterprise operator, how to plan? "Machine substitution" has become an inevitable trend. As a simple and repetitive process, spreading is more worth replacing with a machine. The benefits of a simple analysis are as follows.

Provincial People: An automatic spreader is expected to spread 8000-9000 meters per day for an average of 10 hours; if it is spread back and forth, the average daily is 10,000-12,000 meters. Such a stable production capacity is equivalent to the output of 5-6 people, and a spreader can save 4-5 people.

Material saving: The spreading machine adopts three-sided alignment and spreads without tension to ensure that the head and tail are broken neatly. Assume that the head and tail of a layer are saved by 5mm each, and a bed of cloth per 150 layers can save 1.5 meters of fabric. If 6 beds are laid in a day, it is equivalent to save 9 meters. Calculated based on 330 days a year, it is equivalent to saving 2,970 meters of fabric annually.

Save money: Labor savings: If calculated according to the annual salary of 4 to 45,000, saving 4 to 5 people means saving 16 to 225,000 of labor.

Fabric savings: According to 30 yuan / meter, 2970 meters is equivalent to an annual savings of 89,100 yuan.

High quality: The tension-free spreading pattern ensures that the fabric is tension-free, thereby improving product quality. "Machine substitution" has become an inevitable trend. Let's do it early!

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