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What are the advantages of automatic cutting machine?

The development and development of many industries in life are inseparable. Sometimes some industries have their own brands in the field. Today I will introduce to you the automatic cutting machine of Zhongshan Boyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Improve product quality

When cutting multi-layer materials by hand, the cutting force and angle are not easy to control, which may cause the cutting edges to shift when the material is displaced, resulting in dimensional errors of the upper and lower cutting pieces. When cutting in large batches, it is difficult to achieve consistent cutting of parts.

The automatic cutting machine uses a vacuum adsorption device to avoid material displacement. With the help of computer intelligent control technology, it can accurately calculate the size of the cutting piece and monitor the cutting operation throughout, effectively reducing errors, improving processing accuracy, and cutting quality is significantly higher than manual. For example, the lining of suits tends to be smoother. When cutting by hand, the upper and lower dimensions are deviated due to slipping. Once repaired, it increases the workload and reduces the production efficiency. The use of automatic cutting machines can avoid such problems.

2. Reduce labor costs

The full-automatic cutting machine can replace the manual completion of production tasks, alleviating the problem of difficult recruitment of enterprises. Under normal circumstances, an automatic cutting machine operated by 2 workers can cut the output of manual cutting by 10 cutting workers when cutting about 75 mm thick material. The automatic cutting machine also helps companies arrange labor for subsequent processes. Enterprises can use the automatic cutting machine to understand the total perimeter of the material being cut, calculate and reasonably allocate the number of equipment and personnel for the next process according to a certain method, and avoid unnecessary equipment purchase and manual expenditure.

Take a 200-person garment factory as an example. It costs about 800,000 to 1.1 million yuan to purchase one automatic cutting machine and two spreaders, but it can save 600,000 to 800,000 yuan in labor costs in a year, which means that only automatic The cutting machine saves labor costs. The enterprise can recover the cost of purchasing the cutting machine within 1 to 2 years, and the economic benefits are obvious.


(1) Staffing: General garment factories' cutting workers account for about 5% of the total number of people; sewing workers account for about 70% of the total number of people.

(2) Wage level: The annual salary of skilled cutting workers is about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan (average of 35,000 yuan). The advantages of automatic and automatic cutting machines are reflected in the introduction. Meta-calculation).

(3) Calculated on an 8-hour work day.

What are the advantages of automatic cutting machines? Today's automatic cutting machine manufacturers come to introduce the advantages of automatic cutting machines:

1. Cutting speed can be adjusted according to different fabrics.

2. The machine's cutting board is equipped with a special air-float blowing device, which can reduce the weight of the cutting piece and the resistance of the cutting plate, make the cutting piece easy to move, and cut small pieces more accurately.

3. Equipped with a hair removal device to eliminate the hair hook of the cutter after the cutter has passed the sharpening device, so that the cutter is as sharp as new.

4. The roller is made of abrasion-resistant rubber material, which makes it easy to fix the cutter without serpentine deviation, and the cutter life is prolonged.

5. The dressing of the cutter is very simple, and most people can change it. With a sharpening device, it can always keep the cutting sharp as new.

6. Safety instructions (when the power is turned on, the warning light will be on, which means that the user is informed that the power is turned on to ensure safety).