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The perfect combination of high-definition clothing with intelligent automatic cutting bed

According to statistics, there are approximately 90 million custom-made consumer groups in China's middle-to-high-class clothing, and the total market capacity can reach 450 billion yuan. Set a banner for the development of "Internet + clothing enterprises", and the clarion call for enterprises to accelerate internal transformation and upgrade manufacturing capabilities.

More and more clothing companies have seized the clothing customization market and studied customized transformation routes. "Internet + clothing customization" with MES (manufacturing execution system), etc. to achieve comprehensive integration of various links, the use of Internet integration, the formation of order information flow as the main line, relying on a large-scale database and management index system, order submission, design proofing , Integrated manufacturing, logistics, and delivery.

The general process of mass customization of clothing is: after the customer performs anthropometric measurements, the customer places an order through the online E-MTM system; the background passes the intelligent system with different functions and generates four types of production resource information: plate type, process, material, and order. Information code generated at the same time; Efficient single-cutting is achieved through the intelligent automatic cutting bed system: personalized and efficient sewing through the intelligent garment hanging system, ensuring 1 person, 1 version, 1 clothing, 1 style, 1 single 1 flow;

Warehousing and delivery through intelligent warehousing and logistics systems: A custom-made garment with fine workmanship, superior quality, and beautiful graphics is difficult to make with ordinary manual operations. Therefore, in the clothing industry, it is a day-to-day situation. A machine that can adapt to the modern automatic cutting machine mode, complete various cutting methods with superb quality and quantity, and can meet various needs is particularly important.

Boye intelligent large-format laser automatic cutting machine: Boye large-format laser automatic cutting machine can meet the cutting and processing of the entire fabric, improving production efficiency for the enterprise; constant light path design ensures consistent light path output at various positions during large-format cutting, processing The effect is the same; the software directly connects with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and Game CAD to realize the direct output of the engraving graphics.

With super typesetting software, it can output ultra-long files at one time and automatically cut in sections. It is equipped with a full-automatic feeding rack for one operation and full-automatic cutting. 304 stainless steel mesh belt can be customized according to customer needs. Applicable to sofa, clothing, single-cut, single-cut, printing and dyeing pattern positioning and cutting, automobile interior decoration, toy industry, etc.