Smart computer cutting bed

Smart computer cutting bed

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是服装业裁剪技能的一大改造,它运用档案数据来操控刀的转变方向而出产所需求的裁片。 Computer cutting machine is a major transformation of cutting skills in the clothing industry. It uses file data to manipulate the direction of the knife and produce the required pieces. The efficient use of the computer cutting bed also needs to be supported by hardware such as a computer fully automatic cloth drawing machine, a computer hanging system, and software such as a clothing drawing system. The system composed of these devices provides the perfect environment for the production environment of the garment manufacturing enterprise. solution.

As early as a decade ago, it was an unthinkable reality, but with the development of the age, computer skills have been increasingly used in various industries. The clothing industry is not far behind and is gradually transforming itself to get used to the fierce international competition. Computer cutting machine is one of the transformations, and it has gradually been valued by major clothing companies.

For many years, customers at home and abroad have used Boyi Intelligent Technology computer cutting machine to realize the automation of the cloth cutting process, and automate the clothing design such as automatic design, grading, layout, cutting and cutting. Greatly reduced costs and improved production efficiency. This is the advantage of computer cutting machine.

Features of Boyi Intelligent Technology Computer Cutting Machine:

1. Smart knife [patent]

After years of research and development, Game has released the intelligent computer cutting machine 'knife intelligent' system in 2018 to ensure high-precision cutting operations. With the combination of micron-level intelligent sensing components and intelligent control system, the blade deformation during the cutting operation is dynamically compensated and corrected, which greatly improves the error between the upper fabric and the lower fabric during the cutting process and truly realizes high-precision intelligent cutting!

2.Cutting height can reach 90mm

With the professional technical level in the industry, it has created cutting heights that can only be achieved by high-quality fully automatic computer cutting machines. Combined with patented technologies such as 'knife intelligence', it greatly improves cutting efficiency while ensuring consistent cutting quality.

3.Integrated bed

The integrated frame structure design using high-quality steel and a large-scale machining center imported from Europe are used to clamp all the installation datums at one time to ensure that all installation points are accurate and stable. The large-capacity and sturdy cavity provides more stable air pressure and is not easily deformed. When installed and used, no splicing or secondary adjustment is required, and it can run after being powered on. Significantly improve installation efficiency, reduce commissioning, and provide more stable running performance! The complete one-piece structure is also fundamentally solved. The vibration offset generated by the cutting head during high-speed movement makes the cutting more stable, thereby ensuring the cutting accuracy.

4, with air window technology

Equipped with an intelligent negative pressure constant system, when passing through the window, the fabric in the cutting window will not cause the fabric to shift due to pressure changes, and always maintain a stable vacuum state to ensure the cutting accuracy.

5.Punching device

The combination of an intelligent servo motor and an imported cylinder can not only provide strong penetrating power, but also quickly and accurately complete the drilling operation, and provide extremely high stability and strong adaptability.


Advanced self-diagnosis function, fault reminder report function, remote assistance function.

7.Early warning diagnosis

Early warning diagnosis function: real-time monitoring of cutting status, effectively controlling abnormal cutting, and avoiding cutting quality problems.

Computer cutting bed

Computer cutting bed